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What makes me unique?

Experience. Compassion. Integrity. 

I started my business after my own wedding. After planning everything on my own, I realized that a wedding planner is something everyone should be entitled to. So I created a business model that allows everyone to get the help they deserve.

Not only do I offer affordable prices, but I make it so that you're not paying any extra in hiring a planner. Through the full planning package, I guarantee that if I don't save you at least the amount you're paying me, I will give you back the difference. 

I care about my clients. The fact that I don't take commissions from vendors gives my clients the confidence that I am doing everything I can to get them the best prices, as I have no incentive not to. My free consultations prove that I strive to give them the best experience possible. My attention to detail promises that I do everything to give them the event of their dreams. My fluency in English, Spanish and Hebrew makes me accessible to many.

So why me?

Because you deserve to have someone who cares about you in your corner.